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Mitglied des Monats - Liora



Mrs. Sporty – the best way to stay in shape


I am a temporary resident in Berlin. 

For that reason, I am not writing in German. Ms. Sporty was recommended to me by friends of mine that have been training regularly and are very pleased.

I joined about four months ago, for various reasons: mainly, because I want to stay healthy and in shape. Another reason is that I want to lose weight. Since I joined a make the effort to train three times a week, if I am not able to do so, I feel bad. 

I like the training at Mrs. Sporty because I am not a sports person, but here, the type of training fits me well.

It is not too long, the exercises are custom fitted to my needs, I am always observed by the wonderful trainers that are always around, and I get an immediate feedback from the computer, it helps to do the exercises accurately.


I am very pleased with the periodical tracking and evaluation by who I feel is my “personal trainer”, Chantal. I appreciate very much her feedback and help. Since I joined, more friends of mine joined as well. It is a good opportunity to spend time exercising together, and to have a good after training coffee in the neighborhood.

I hope I will be able to continue to train regularly.



04. März 2020
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